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Cardiff, United Kingdom · Video

Becoming a Froebelian setting

How the team at an early years setting has adopted a Froebelian approach and the difference it's made to their staff, children and families.

Caerphilly, United Kingdom · Video

Outdoor learning with young children

An early years setting in Wales bringing a Froebelian approach to their work with young children

London, United Kingdom · Video

Family Time in Nature

A nursery school project bringing families together in East London.

Cardiff, United Kingdom · Video

Tŷ Froebel

Putting Froebel's principles into practice in Wales.

Welwyn Garden City, United Kingdom · Video

Let's Cook!

A nursery school project developing community connections through cooking.

Falkirk, United Kingdom · Video

Slow pedagogy

Making time for children's learning and development in early years settings in Falkirk.

London, United Kingdom · Photo story

Let's Play!

A creative theatre project supporting parents and carers to play with their babies and young children.

Southampton, United Kingdom · Video

Supporting transition from nursery to primary school

An innovative research project using digital stories to support young autistic children's transition from nursery to primary school.

Dumbarton, United Kingdom · Photo story

Block play

The story of a primary school using block play to support young children's language development.

South Shields, United Kingdom · Photo story

Mini Muddy Fingers

A community project bringing families together to learn and play outside, connecting with nature.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom · Video

Froebelian Futures

A major project developing Froebelian practice, theory and networks in early childhood education.

Guildford, United Kingdom · Audio

The Froebel Partnership

An international collaboration of educators and researchers working together to share a Froebelian approach to early childhood education.

Birmingham, United Kingdom · Photo story

Young Voices on Covid-19

Listening to, capturing and understanding the experiences of young children during the pandemic.

Truro, United Kingdom · Photo story

Building stronger relationships with parents and carers

The story of a project which brought families and young children together in nursery schools in Cornwall.