A nursery school project developing community connections through cooking.

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Ludwick Nursery School were awarded a Froebel Trust practice development and research grant to explore how cooking can support young children's learning and build local community connections.

This short film tells the story of how teaching staff, parents, carers and young children have been brought together by cooking activities at this maintained nursery school in Hertfordshire.

The project evidences the impact an early years curriculum, which values time for growing and cooking, can have on children's learning and development.

A short film about this Froebel Trust funded project - made in July 2023

The staff at Ludwick Nursery School welcome visits from educators and school leaders interested in seeing a Froebelian approach to early education in action. Get in touch via their website.

“... the most urgent need in education is that the school should be united with the life of home and family...”

Friedrich Froebel