Froebel Trust PhD bursaries support students undertaking research with a Froebelian focus relating to young children’s learning.

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The Froebel Trust has provided PhD bursaries to support students undertaking research with a Froebelian focus relating to young children’s learning at home and in other contexts and/ or education, training, pedagogy, policy and practice for early childhood education and care.

The Froebel Trust has supported PhD students with bursaries at University of Cambridge, University of Roehampton, Institute of Education (UCL), Canterbury Christ Church University and University of Edinburgh.

Bursaries enable outstanding students to pursue a PhD at a university or a similar research institution in the UK. They cover fees (at the UK student rate) and provide a maintenance grant.

Applicants must demonstrate that one or more of their proposed supervisors has prior knowledge of the literature and/ or practice based on Froebelian philosophy and principles.

If you are interested in applying for a bursary in the future, you may find it helpful to consult our suggested reading list and explore our research library.

Each of our grants and bursary schemes has different criteria, but the overarching theme that runs through all the work we support, is that it builds on and advances knowledge and understanding of Froebelian philosophy, principles and approaches.

We welcome applications from educational institutions and individuals who share our goal of increasing and advancing knowledge and debate about Froebelian principles and their application in the teaching, learning and development of children from birth to 8 years.

The Froebel Trust does not privilege particular methodologies or disciplines but the proposed study must align with our charitable objects. We cannot fund studies that are unconnected to Froebelian education.

International students are welcome to apply for a bursary but please note that the Froebel Trust’s bursary covers fees at rates for UK students. University fees for international students can be significantly higher and the Froebel Trust is not able to provide assistance with the additional cost.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at

Recent successful PhD bursary applications

An Exploration of the Influence of Young Children on Adults within Natural Environments
Froebel Trust PhD bursary awarded to Tansy Watts, Canterbury Christ Church University

Bringing Children’s Voices to the fore of Education for Sustainability in the Early Years
Froebel Trust PhD bursary awarded to Luke Addison, University of Edinburgh, to examine what sustainability can look like in the early years and to explore young children's experiences of nature and the environment.

Role model, Authoritarian and Humourist: Male Primary School Teachers’ identity construction. A symbolic interactionist and discourse analysis approach.
Froebel Trust PhD bursary awarded to Louie Werth, University of Cambridge, to research the challenges that male primary school teachers face in constructing a professional identity due to the competing expectations of others in and outside of the work place.

Comparisons of Infant Communication Patterns used in different Day Nursery Environments
Froebel Trust PhD bursary awarded to Caroline Guard, University of Roehampton, to explore how infants convey their voice/s in nursery.

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Information about PhD bursary activity grants : Attending conferences, study visits and presenting papers in the UK and internationally are all critical to the development of our PhD bursary holders, but the Froebel Trust is aware that they can present a financial challenge. A small fund has been introduced to support such development. However, we do ask students and institutions to be mindful of the environmental impact of travelling for fieldwork or conferences.

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