Essential information and guidance for managing your grant. Your funded project is important to us. We want to learn from your project and make sure that others can learn from it too.

How we work with you - our commitment to our grant holders

  • We will only ask for information we need and will use. We are mindful of your workload and the time/ cost implications of reporting on a grant. We have a flexible approach to reporting and want to make sure that your final report is helpful to both you and us.

  • We will need to measure the impact and/ or benefits of your project. To do this we ask that you create a final report to tell the story of your project - in a format of your choosing. We will always give you feedback on your final report.

  • We will get in touch with you during your project to find out how you're progressing. When we ask you for a progress report it's because we want to share learning, outcomes and innovative practice with others in the sector.

  • We respect different kinds of knowledge, different ways of learning and want to give all grant holders a chance to tell their story in their own way. We provide a platform for our grant holders to demonstrate their expertise and their experience.

  • We're keen to nurture long term relationships with our grant holders. We'll keep you informed with our newsletter for grant holders (past and present). Many of our grant holders go on to become involved in more Froebel Trust projects, joining our working groups or presenting at our events.

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