A major project developing Froebelian practice, theory and networks in early childhood education.

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Froebelian Futures is based in Scotland and their team of researchers and practitioners were awarded £500k by the Froebel Trust in 2021. The project team aim to foster collaboration in the early years sector and provide Froebelian training for more early years educators over the next three years.

In Scotland, the Froebelian Futures team is led by Dr Lynn McNair (University of Edinburgh) and Lian Higgins (Cowgate Under 5's Centre in Edinburgh).

The team is working in collaboration with local authorities across Scotland and early years colleagues in the Czech Republic and Greece - with a particular emphasis on the development of Froebelian leadership in early childhood education.

The project is offering educators, schools and early years settings:

As part of their ongoing work, Froebelian Futures produced a series of six themed films about Froebelian practice at Cowgate Under 5's Centre in Edinburgh:

Watch this short film made as part of the series by Froebelian Futures. Froebel in practice - An immersive look at a uniquely Froebelian approach to nature-based learning and play at Cowgate Under 5s, Edinburgh.

Froebelian Futures are also running play cafes - a community outreach project. These are child-led Froebelian play spaces for families with children under the age of three set up for communities in and around Edinburgh.

200 families came along to the Froebelian Futures' first mobile play cafe in Leith, Edinburgh.

The team is also working on a number of research papers which are due for publication; covering topics including:

  • child-led research
  • practitioner inquiry
  • Froebelian leadership
  • inclusion and decolonising play.

Listen to the project leaders, Dr Lynn McNair and Simon Bateson, discuss their work in the first three episodes of the Froebel Trust podcast: