A nursery school project bringing families together in East London.

A Froebelian approach recognises the importance of:

  • adults and educators 'starting where the child is' and offering 'freedom with guidance'
  • young children having the opportunity to learn and develop together; connecting with a community's rich resources.

Kay Rowe Nursery School in Newham, London was awarded Froebel Trust funding to bring families together in nature on Saturdays in their inner city nursery garden.

This short film tells the story of their project and the difference it is making for children and families in the local community. It shows how parents and carers value:

  • having access to free space for their children to engage in adventurous and challenging outdoor play
  • the opportunity to take part in 'messy' creative activities alongside their children
  • time to connect with other families outdoors and with nature.
This 5min Froebel Trust short film was first shared in December 2023.

This project at Kay Rowe Nursery School connects with Froebelian principles, acknowledging:

  • the importance of children experiencing and understanding nature - and their place in it
  • that everything in the universe is connected and young children learn in a holistic way
  • children are autonomous learners and that they learn best by doing things for themselves.

Froebel advocated freedom with guidance and his ideas about learning through nature and the importance of play are well known throughout the world.

After the disconnections and isolation wreaked by the COVID-19 pandemic, "Froebel's principles of the importance of experiences in nature and the way it can support children to understand the world around them seemed to be a really important place to start to rebuild these families' confidence in exploring outside with their children." Rabia Rahman, Kay Rowe Nursery School

Relationships are of central importance in a child's life

Every child is unique. A Froebelian approach nurtures relationships - the relationships of every child with themselves, their parents, carers, family and wider community.

Sarah Porter and Nadia Bryaj from Kay Rowe Nursery School shared their experiences of leading this family project at the Froebel Trust Conference held in March 2023. Watch a recording of their presentation.

If you've been inspired by this film and project and would like to learn more about how Froebelian principles can deepen educators' commitment to supporting every child and their family, then take a look at our Froebel Trust Short Courses.

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Play is about wallowing in ideas, feelings and relationships and the prowess of the physical body. It helps the process of becoming aware of self in relation to others and the universe. It brings unity and interconnectedness.

Professor Tina Bruce
'Twelve features characterising a Froebelian approach to childhood play', March 2020