A list of organisations offering support and information for everyone interested in Froebelian practice, early childhood education and for those who are trained Froebelian educators.

A national association for all those involved in Froebelian education in the UK. The Froebel Network "welcomes requests to join from all those engaged in Froebelian Education in the UK for children of all ages." Find out more.

The society promotes child-centred kindergarten and early education worldwide. "As an organisation of educators, university-based researchers, and early years providers, the IFS provides an international forum for the development of child-centred and play-based educational theories and practices, especially but not exclusively those associated with the inventor of the Kindergarten, Friedrich Froebel." The International Froebel Society holds conferences for early years practitioners, researchers, providers, and policy-makers every two years. Find out more.

"The Edinburgh Froebel Network was set up in 2009 by a group of five Edinburgh Nursery Heads, in order to promote the Froebelian Approach in Edinburgh." Find out more.

The Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood at Maynooth University is hoping to create an Irish Froebel Network in order to promote Froebelian practice in Ireland. If you are interested in receiving more information about the network, please get in touch with Séamie Ó Néill e: seamie.oneill@mu.ie

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