Grant holder
Helen Ackerman, Ludwick Nursery School
Project status
In Progress

With this Action Research grant Helen Ackerman aims to renew their community links after the COVID pandemic through their cookery program and also further develop tehir practice of cooking with children.

Project summary

The Covid-19 pandemic stopped many of Ludwick School's well-established practices that allowed teachers to connect with families in the community. With this project, the team wants to take the opportunity to re-connect with the community, and through doing this understand it better and celebrate its diversity and cultural mix.

The cookery curriculum is embedded in the daily practice, and the team feels that this pedagogical strength would be the ideal vehicle to renew their community links and also further develop their cookery practice. Cooking and sharing food is universal and this is an ideal way to bring diverse communities together.

This project builds on the setting’s existing cookery curriculum which influenced the Froebel Trust pamphlet on cooking with young children and also the chapter for the Great Expectations book which showcases case studies from schools in Hertfordshire sharing good practice in supporting disadvantaged children. The project draws on qualitative research methods including Action Research and the Mosaic Approach.

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