This webinar celebrated the publication of Dr Stella Louis (Lead Tutor of the Froebel Trust Short Courses) and Hannah Betteridge's new book, 'Let's Talk About Race in the Early Years'.
Recorded in July 2024.

'Let's Talk About Race in the Early Years' - A Froebel Trust webinar recorded in July 2024

During this webinar, the authors share practical guidance - giving educators the tools and techniques to identify and confront discriminatory practices in early years settings and schools.

The webinar includes discussions about:

  • unravelling bias
  • why race and representation matters
  • developing an inclusive learning environment.

This Froebel Trust webinar is for educators and all those who work with and care for babies and young children. It is Chaired by Jane Whinnett (Froebel Trust Travelling Tutor) and also features Sharon Imray. Sharon is the owner of Poppies, an early years setting in Scotland. The team of educators at Poppies were awarded a Froebel Trust grant to work with Dr Stella Louis and develop "fair, inclusive and equitable" practice at their setting. During the recorded webinar, Sharon shares her experiences and reflections from the project - A Sense of Belonging.

About the authors

Dr Stella Louis leads the team of Froebel Trust Travelling Tutors. She was named Trainer of the Year at the Nursery World Awards 2023 and was also honoured with the Nursery World Lifetime Achievement Award for her work in early childhood education.She is an early years consultant, trainer and author working with individual early years settings, parents and carers, nursery schools, local authorities, government departments and charities. She is also the author of the Froebel Trust pamphlet Observing young children. Stella has worked both in the United Kingdom and internationally, including South Africa and Australia where she worked with teachers to develop a Froebelian approach to teaching and learning.

Hannah Betteridge is an experienced policy professional and public servant. In both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, Hannah primarily focused on uncovering the impact of race, stereotypes, and bias on outcomes for individuals from Black and Asian backgrounds in Britain.

'Let's Talk About Race in the Early Years' is published by Routledge. You can order the book from Routledge and get a 20% discount. Use the code: AFLY02

Every early years setting needs a copy of this book. Louis and Betteridge, two generations of the same family, share their combined research, knowledge and lived experiences generously to challenge and support practitioners and families to develop more equitable practice for young children of colour. The balance of lived examples from practice, current research data and Black contributors make this a unique book. Use this book for personal reflection, in your training or book group to guide your discussions and to effect change. We can all, ‘Do something. Do more. Do better.’

Jane Whinnett MBE
Froebel Trust Travelling Tutor, Froebel in Childhood Practice, University of Edinburgh