Grant holder
Sharon Imray, Poppies Pre School Ltd
Project status
In Progress

With this Action Research grant Sharon Imray aims to explore, develop and deepen the team’s understanding of the key principles of promoting a practice which is fair, inclusive and equitable

Project summary

After attending a number of equality, diversity and inclusion webinars over the last year the team at Poppies Nursery Ltd. have been reflecting and scrutinising the ways in which gender and race are portrayed in our nursery. In a more recent training, Dr Stella Louis challenged us to consider the question, “Are we doing everything to ensure that every child/family in our community has a sense of belonging?”

Froebel himself emphasised that our community of learners will be made richer by embracing and valuing the uniqueness and diversity of all children. We are a small nursery in a rural, predominantly white community and, having an awareness of this, we have been reflecting on these questions in particular:

How do we celebrate multi culture without seeming to be tokenistic?

Are all our celebrations in the nursery meaningful and recognisable to every child?

Are we supporting our children to understand different views and perspectives?

Do we have an environment that is safe, inclusive and respectful so that we can all learn within it?

Preliminary gatherings as a team suggest that educators in the setting are uncomfortable discussing race and gender and this has led them to reflect and try to understand why. Therefore, the team devised a whole setting approach to improvement, involving staff, children and families. Using the findings from this project the team will work on how to improve or create working policies on equality, diversity and anti-racism which demonstrates a true commitment to leaning into the values of Froebelian practice.