Working with families in early years settings.
This session was recorded as part of the Froebel Trust Conference in March 2021.

All of the projects you hear about in the recorded session have been funded by the Froebel Trust.


• Play, Sing, Talk, Read: A Froebelian approach to language development

Petra Adams is a Principal Teacher at Balgreen Nursery School where she has worked for 15 years. She has completed the Froebel Certificate at Edinburgh University and has gained a PgCert in Collaborative Working: Education and Therapy at Queen Margaret's University, Edinburgh.

• A Collegiate Enquiry-Based Approach to Developing Froebelian Principles and Occupations: Sewing and Clay

Catriona Gill is Head Teacher of Greengables Nursery School and Family Centre in Edinburgh, providing Early Learning and Childcare for children aged 3-5, based on Froebelian principles. She is one of the organising members of the Edinburgh Froebel Network working to disseminate Froebelian practice within Scotland and beyond, through conferences, training and collegiate working.

She is also a member of the Communications Committee of the Froebel Trust. Catriona is an Associate Tutor at the University of Edinburgh, teaching on the Froebel in Childhood Practice courses. She contributed a chapter to 'Putting Storytelling at the Heart of Early Childhood Practice' (Bruce, McNair& Whinnetteds., 2020).

• Connect – A nursery community approach to play

Elaine Fullerton has over 20 years experience as a Nursery Teacher and 10 years as a play therapist. She is a graduate of the Froebel and Childhood Practice Course, University of Edinburgh. Elaine has shared her practice through research projects, workshops and presentations.

She is particularly interested in listening to the stories that children communicate to us in their play and on the qualities of relationship that best support children to flourish and grow. Elaine has developed a parent/child community project titled “Connect”.

• Staff CPD to Develop Musicality in a Froebelian Setting

Mark Broad is a singer, musician and writer, with a background in the publishing and audio industries. He became a music leader with schools and community groups through projects with Sing Up, Glyndebourne Education and Claque Theatre. Since training with the Voices Foundation and working for them as an advisory teacher, he's been more closely involved with supporting music in Early Years.

Debby Hunter is Principal of Annan The Froebel School, East Sussex. Debby started her teaching career as a primary teacher in London in the 1980’s. In 2001 she established a Froebelian kindergarten in East Sussex with her husband Mark and this grew into the only primary school with a Froebelian pedagogy for children aged 2-11 in the UK.

Debby has completed the Froebel Certificate in Early Childhood at Roehampton University, is a member of the Froebel Travelling Tutor team and in 2019 gained an MA in Early Childhood Studies at the University of Roehampton.