This year's conference explores how a Froebelian approach is crucial to improving babies' and young children's experiences in early education. Second session features presentations from Susana Castro-Kemp, Simon Bateson, Donna Gaywood & Angelika Popyk. Recorded March 2023.

Recorded 4 March 2023

The conference sessions feature speakers who are leading Froebel Trust funded projects in their nursery schools and settings, alongside researchers reporting on their current projects and the implications of their work for early years practice and policy now.

The online conference was held on 4 March 2023.

Session 2: Challenge
Chair: Amanda Norman

  • What might Froebelian-led reform look like in our current education systems?
  • How can educators make sure the babies and children in our care get the education they deserve?


Susana Castro-Kemp's latest research considers whether Ofsted inspectors value Froebelian principles and asks, what makes an ‘outstanding’ nursery? She discusses the results of her research and makes the case for inspection guidelines to "(re)focus on the whole child through play, creativity and imagination".

Simon Bateson & Shaddai Tembo introduce their current research project, Diversity in Unity and how they are developing a new framework for schools and settings to better understand how racial inequalities can emerge between children through play - and how they can be challenged by educators.

Donna Gaywood & Angelika Popyk share their research about supporting migrant and refugee children in schools and settings. Reflecting on their experience of running workshops to support educators working with Ukrainian refugees, they share their mission to "transform Early Childhood Education and Care settings".

Conference Session 1

Connect & Nurture - with Sarah Porter, Nadia Bryaj, Judith Ish-Horowicz and more

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Simon Bateson

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