The conference sessions were recorded on 6 March 2021. This Froebel Trust event was created for all those who work in early years education and care for young children.

All of the projects you will hear about during the five recorded conference sessions were funded by the Froebel Trust.

Download a copy of the delegate pack with more information about the sessions and speakers.

Session 1: Young Voices on Covid

An exploration of the Froebel Storytelling Approach in support for young children through the Covid-19 pandemic
Speakers: Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram (Centre for Research in Early Childhood)

Conference Session 1: Young Voices on Covid

Session 2: Nature Play

• Forest Skills
Speaker: Julia Dixon (Inclusion and Wellbeing Service, West Lothian)
• Mini Muddy Fingers (Plant. Create. Play. Educate)
Speakers: Louise Strong (NECA) & Kate Razzall (Froebel Travelling Tutor)

Conference session 2: Nature Play

Session 3: Musical Play

• Let’s Play
Speaker: Samantha Lane (Little Angel Theatre)
• Singing with Baby
Speaker: Rachel Tonkin (Family Lives)
• Mapping Emerging Musicality, exploring musical development in the early years
Speaker: Angela Voyajolu, (University of Roehampton)

Conference Session 3: Musical Play

Session 4: Slow Pedagogies

Slow Knowledge and the unhurried child: time for slow pedagogies in early childhood education
Speaker: Alison Clark (University of South East Norway)

Conference session 4: Slow pedagogies

Session 5: Froebelian Approaches in the Nursery Community

• Play, Sing, Talk, Read: A Froebelian approach to language development
Speaker: Petra Adams, (Balgreen Nursery School)
• A Collegiate Enquiry-Based Approach to Developing Froebelian Principles and Occupations: Sewing and Clay
Speaker: Catriona Gill (Greengables Nursery School and Family Centre)
• Connect – A nursery community approach to play
Speaker: Elaine Fullerton (Hope Cottage Nursery School)
• Staff CPD to Develop Musicality in a Froebelian Setting
Speakers: Debby Hunter (Annan School) and Mark Broad (Music Leader)

Conference session 5: Froebelian approaches in the Nursery Community
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