Our Spring webinar - featuring guest speakers Konnie Huq, Dr Helge Wasmuth and Naomi Clarke. A Froebel Trust webinar recorded on 21 April 2022.

On the evening of Froebel's birthday and to kick off our 2022 year of exploration, we held a free webinar all about children's connections and relationships with nature.

  • Hear from children's author, broadcaster and campaigner, Konnie Huq.
  • Top tips and practical advice for educators and carers interested in supporting young children’s outdoor play from Naomi Clarke.
  • Learn about the relevance of a Froebelian approach to early education and the importance of young children's relationships with nature in kindergartens and early education systems today from Dr Helge Wasmuth.

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Children and nature
Recorded on 21 April 2022
Recorded on 21 April 2022
Recorded on 21 April 2022

About the speakers

Konnie Huq

Konnie Huq was Blue Peter’s longest serving female presenter (1997 - 2008). Since then she's become a bestselling children's author with a three book deal with Piccadilly Press. The main character of her Cookie books is inspired by Konnie’s own London Bangladeshi background and her love of science. Konnie also co-wrote the second instalment of the successful and critically acclaimed Channel 4 series Black Mirror.

Most recently, Konnie has been actively campaigning for better education about the environment for children.

She is currently an ambassador for the Prince's Trust, British Asian Trust, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the climate change campaign group, Mothers Rise Up.

Find out more at konnie-huq.com

Dr Helge Wasmuth

Helge Wasmuth is a Professor in the Department of Childhood Education at Mercy College, US. Among his research interests are early education policy as well as the history of, and postmodern perspectives on, early childhood education.

He is a founding member of Cultures of Early Childhood Education (CECEC), an international research network that published Globalization, Transformation, and Cultures in Early Childhood Education and Care­–Reconceptualization and Comparison in 2019.

His research on Friedrich Froebel’s kindergarten pedagogy and its transformation has led to the publication of the monography Fröbel’s Pedagogy of Kindergarten and Play: Modifications in Germany and the United States (2020).

He is currently working on a new Froebel biography which will be published in 2023 by Bloomsbury.

You can find him speaking about his latest book on the Froebel USA website.

Twitter: @helwasmuth

Naomi Clarke

Naomi Clarke is a writer, educator, and parent. The goal of her work is to raise awareness of taking an intersectional approach to outdoor education and to centre children's rights. Naomi is also the director of a democratic learning community for home-educated children and a freelance outdoor education consultant. Based in London, Naomi has worked in outdoor education, community gardening, permaculture design, ecotherapy, playwork and disability support across the charity, public and private sector for over 15 years.

Insta: instagram.com/intersectionalmotherhood/