Grant holder
David J. Hargreaves, Sue Robson, Sue Greenfield, Hiroko Fumoto, University of Roehampton
Project status

The Froebel Research Fellowship project was funded by the Froebel Trust and the former Incorporated Froebel Educational Institute from 2002 to 2015. The researchers investigated the extent to which Froebelian ideals could be met in the context of contemporary early childhood education and care.

The mixed method study included: an exploration of practitioners’ views about children’s personal, social and cognitive skills; a study of the social dimensions of children’s creative thinking; and the distinction between play and learning at home and in school; and emotional and motivational aspects of children’s well-being.

Hargreaves et al 2014 Journal of Early Childhood Research

The substantial body of work has been reported in a suite of publications and presentations, including:

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