Grant holder
Olivene Burke, Mona Social Services - The University of the West Indies, Jamaica
Project status
In Progress

The purpose of the project is to implement a kitchen garden and provide it with a sustainable water supply at the Hope Valley Experimental School through a wastewater management system

Project summary

A report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Rome (2021), asserts that “the COVID-19 pandemic was having a devastating impact on the world’s economy and that the food security and nutrition status of millions of people, including children, would deteriorate if we did not take swift action.” This is the reality for low-socioeconomic communities like those comprising the Greater August Town (GAT) area. The kindergarten/infant schools which service the communities are hindered from imparting effective teaching and providing a holistic learning environment considering that a significant portion of their school population suffers from food insecurity and irregular water supply.

Considering these challenges Mona Social Services seeks to examine how the educational experience of children in Infant schools can be improved through a kitchen garden. This initiative captures Froebel’s belief in utilising practical work and direct use of materials in the educational experience. Olivene Burke at Mona Social Services aims to address multiple intersecting needs of the student population within an identified school. The school kitchen garden project will grow mostly vegetables to supplement the school’s feeding program. The proposed implementation of a kitchen garden is underscored by prior exploratory observation by kindergarten schoolteachers who observed that infants suffered from inadequate access to nutritional meals, due to the economic background of their families.

Upon implementing the kitchen garden Mona Social Services will undertake research to assess how the establishment of a kitchen garden assists with the early childhood learning curriculum and development. Research of this nature is important, considering that many kindergarten schools within marginalised communities lack green spaces or natural components that may be utilised in an integrative teaching approach.

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