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Chloe Anderson, Linden Tree Nursery Schools
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In Progress

Linden Tree Nursery Schools in London are researching how a Froebelian approach can have an impact on the relationship between parents, teachers, children and the local community.

This group of nursery schools based in South London were awarded a Froebel Trust Action Research Grant to "further parents' and carers' understanding of the Froebelian approach and child-development in order to get them more involved in the nursery community". The team aim to:

  • reduce anxiety about school readiness
  • increase effectiveness of Froebelian education
  • support the development of trusting and respectful relationships between teachers and parents/ carers.

"We believe that furthering knowledge of the Froebelian approach and early childhood development, as well as building and sustaining positive, trusting relationships between parents and teachers will result in a community who understand and question the quality and type of education that their children receive."
Chloe Anderson, Head of Training and Quality Assurance, Linden Tree Nursery Schools

This action research project will also support the pre-school teachers and staff at Linden Tree, "to develop their understanding and confidence in using the Froebelian approach in their day-to-day practice as well as their ability to effectively communicate how they are supporting children in the here and now..." Chloe Anderson, Head of Training and Quality Assurance, Linden Tree Nursery Schools

The team hopes to learn how time spent on developing parents' knowledge "will result in co-operation between teachers and parents" - as well as developing "trust and respect for the role that teachers play in children’s early development."

A research report detailing the projects' findings will be published here in Nov 2023.

Linden Tree Nursery Schools

About Linden Tree Nursery Schools (LTNS)

LTNS is a group of small nursery schools in South London - established in 2005.

"Friedrich Froebel believed that children should have access to rich learning experiences which have a direct relationship to their everyday lives. We honour this at LTNS where children learn within a secure, supporting and stimulating environment with links to nature and the outdoors. The children are our curriculum and our experienced and qualified team ensure the children’s voices are heard in everything they do. The early years are a vital aspect of childhood and we are proud of the Froebelian education we provide."