Grant holder
Tracy Grieve, Woodburn Early Learning Centre and Childcare Centre
Project status

The Froebel Trust awarded a grant to Woodburn Early Learning & Childcare Centre in Falkirk, Scotland to create an outdoor woodworking area.

A project which created an outdoor woodworking area complete with a variety of tools for young children.

Note: This project's activities and aims had to be adjusted due to the impact of the pandemic.

Project summary

Understanding the huge benefits that woodworking can have for children’s learning and its long-term impact, this project aimed to create an outdoor woodworking area complete with a variety of tools at Woodburn Early Learning & Childcare Centre. Funding allowed each member of the nursery team to attend training with Pete Moorhouse so that they could explore different tools and build confidence in using them.

Currently the children can move easily between indoors and out and their play and experiences can flow without interruption. By purchasing an outdoor woodworking bench and a variety of tools the children gained open access to experiences which support them to be active, curious, investigative, autonomous, creative, imaginative, social learners.

Alongside the development of woodworking and using real tools within the setting the aim was to extend the experiences available to children by offering woodworking and tools during their forest visits.

A Froebel Trust pamphlet - published in March 2021

The wonder of woodwork by Pete Moorhouse

A practical guide to introducing woodwork to young children. Free to download.

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