The greatest expansion in England's early childhood education and care (ECEC) sector is underway. More skilled educators are urgently needed to ensure young children's development and learning are supported and nurtured.

The Froebel Trust is working to address the problem - offering high quality Froebelian training, practical courses and free resources to educators working in schools and early years settings.

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  • We need educators to want to stay in their jobs. High quality training helps retain educators.
  • Learning and experimenting through play needs to be kept at the heart of early childhood education.
  • Educators need training which focuses on the power of play in early learning.
  • Educators' training needs are not being sufficiently supported in the current ECEC system.

Recommendations for policy makers and sector leaders

  • Too many educators working in the early years feel undervalued and unsupported. This is not just about pay levels. Access to high quality training helps to retain and motivate staff in early years settings.
  • Primary school, Reception and KS1 teachers need training specifically in early childhood education; to improve their confidence in and understanding of the value of learning through play in school settings.
  • Educators need access to both in-person and online training. It is crucial that any online training is ‘live’ and interactive for it to be effective and worthwhile.
  • Small training groups help to create (and sustain) local grassroots networks of educators. These local or regional networks of educators further develop and share knowledge about early childhood education across settings and local areas.

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