Sacha Powell, CEO, Froebel Trust celebrates the release of Tina Bruce's latest book,
"Friedrich Froebel: A Critical Introduction to Key Themes and Debates"

Cover image: © Lausanne Project (Model), Gego (Goldschmidt, Gertrud Luise) / Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Spain / with permission from Fundación Gego, Venezuela

If you’re interested in young children’s learning, this book is a must-read!

Today we celebrate a new publication from Bloomsbury, written by one of the world’s finest scholars of early childhood education and Froebel’s philosophy in educational practice: Professor Tina Bruce.

Professor Bruce writes for everyone who cares to nurture and understand young children’s thirst for learning and who aspires to connect theory, enquiry and practice within an educational framework that draws its coherence from key principles.

We learn the origins of beliefs and practices that have found their way into early childhood education settings around the world; and Professor Bruce helps us to understand how they connect to a holistic philosophy about the centrality of young children’s learning and the roles that educators, families, communities and environments play in this dynamic process.

The writing invites reflection as the text skilfully locates contemporary scholarship and practice in a long view of Froebelian education that is historical, biographical and personal. It is clear how Froebel’s legacy lives on, reconstructed for education in the 21st century.

While reading about Froebel’s life – particularly his childhood – we learn why he began to formulate particular ideas about how young children learn, which oriented his philosophy for education and living with our children. We are encouraged to consider how our own autobiographies influence our expectations of young children and of early childhood education and care.

The book is now available to purchase from Bloomsbury.

Professor Tina Bruce CBE is a Vice President of BAECE: Early Education, Patron of the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE), Member of the International Froebel Society Committee, Associate Member of the Froebel Trust, and Member of the Froebel Network. She is a well-known author internationally and nationally of books and articles on Early Childhood Education.