A new Froebel Trust publication by Valeria Scacchi lists the resources from the Froebel Archive Collection at the University of Roehampton.

Resources of the Froebel Archive Collection at the University of Roehampton

By Valeria Scacchi

The bibliographic lists in this publication are meant to enhance the accessibility of the Froebel Early Childhood Archive Collection and enable better utilization both by students and academics of the School of Education, Centre for early Childhood Studies and Research, and the Department of Humanities as well as other interested groups such as Mathematics, Geography, History, Dance and Movement and Visual Art.

The resource list can be used as an integral part of the learning and teaching program but also be of interest to visiting scholars and practitioners based both in the UK and internationally as well as other networks who are interested in Froebelian education.

The resources on this list can be searched though the library catalogue for access and some digitalised version of archival material is available on the Roehampton Digital Library in the Froebel Archive Digital Collection section:

The archival material is also available on the archives catalogue page ( where artefacts and rare books held by three repositories at the University of Roehampton are searchable.

Download a copy of the report:

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