How to use digital documentation to capture the magic and wonder of young children’s learning. A new Froebel Trust publication by Dr Rosie Flewitt and Dr Kate Cowan.

New guidance on digital documentation has been released by the Froebel Trust for early education educators and practitioners.

The aim of this guidance is to help practitioners reflect on how they might use digital documentation in ways that help to capture the magic and wonder of young children’s learning, and how this might be shared with children and parents.

Keen observation of children at play is vital for educators to make sense of children’s interests and interactions, and informs their planning and pedagogy.

This new guidance is based on the findings of a recent ground-breaking Froebel Trust funded study carried out by researchers Dr Rosie Flewitt and Dr Kate Cowan at the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy, UCL Institute of Education.

Documenting children’s learning in today’s world

Observing and documenting young children’s learning has a long and rich heritage in early childhood education and care (ECEC), and is central to every early childhood educator’s practice.

"Our research findings suggest that digital documentation offers new possibilities to document children’s learning in ways that recognise and value what they choose to do, particularly during child-initiated play. Recognising learning is complex because children demonstrate their understanding in many different ways, such as through their drawing, model-making, dance, storytelling and role-play."

Download a free copy of the guidance:

Guidance for practitioners on digital documentation