Researchers, authors, educators and experts from around the world explore Froebel's life and legacy.

Kindergarten is a worldwide phenomenon and the ideas of its founder, Friedrich Froebel have shaped educational practice for nearly 200 years. As one of the most enduringly influential educational thinkers, Froebel’s life and legacy are scrutinised and celebrated in a new, edited volume comprising forty-eight distinctive and original chapters.

What is the book about?

Edited by Professor Tina Bruce CBE, Dr Yukiyo Nishida, Dr Sacha Powell, Professor Helge Wasmuth and Jane Whinnett MBE, The Bloomsbury Handbook to Friedrich Froebel brings together a cutting-edge volume on the thinking and impact of this pioneer of early childhood education.

It offers fascinating challenges rooted in the original language and arguments put forward by Froebel in his German manuscripts, letters and publications; an aspect too often neglected in international handbooks (or publications in general) on Froebel.

Published by Bloomsbury on 30 Nov - available to pre-order from 16 Nov 2023

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A must for all Froebel scholars and for all early childhood professionals wanting to understand the origins of our values and beliefs about pedagogies with young children…

Professor Mary McMullen
Indiana University, USA

A huge variety of perspectives are gathered from authors who study and/or practise Froebelian education, giving voice to a wealth of trans-global Froebelian expertise from:

Fusa Abe, Ann Taylor Allen, Teresa K. Aslanian, Tony Bertram, Carole Bloch, Margaret Brooks, Tina Bruce, Dan Castner, Sally Cave, Maria Cooper, Stefan Cramme, John Dagger, Yael Dayan, Chemi Dema, Aline Wendy Dunlop, Sandra El Gemayel, Sebastian Engelmann, Michael Friedmann, Elaine Fullerton, Catriona Gill, Susanna Gilberg, Donna Green, Alessandra Arce Hai, Aili Helenius, Libby Lee Hammond, Mark Hunter, Elizabeth Jackson Barrett, Jo Josephidou, Annette Kearns, Nicola Kemp, Kerry Knight, Christiane Konrad, Samantha Lane, Alastair Leigh, Stella Louis, Maria Jose Martinez-Ruiz-Funes, Naoko Matsumura, Helen May, Marlene McCormack, Sive Ngubethole Mbolekwa, Lynn McNair, Pete Moorhouse, Karl Neumann, Yukiyo Nishida, Leah O’Toole, Keiko Omri, Chris Pascal, José Pedro Marín Murcia, Sacha Powell, Larry Prochner, Kate Razzall, Jane Read, Bettina Irina Reimers, John Reynolds, Jean Rockel, Inkeri Ruokonen, Ulf Sauerbrey, Isabel Schamberger, Ran Shirai, Aishling Silke, Taina Sillanpää, Patsy Stafford, Natasha Stewart, Tríona Stokes, Fengling Tang, Yumiko Taoko, Luke Touhill, Mathias Urban, Fredrika Visuri, Helge Wasmuth, Louis Werth, Jane Whinnett, Michael Winkler and Juan Zhao

The book equips readers to connect with what Froebel actually said and believed as well as subsequent interpretations.

The Handbook highlights what Froebel means today in a variety of (educational) settings. The mix of methodological, theoretical, and practical perspectives makes for a unique collection of chapters, which are brought together in sections that examine the connections, disconnections, reconnections and interconnections in Froebel’s pedagogy.

The explorations of the authors and editors result in work that is both affirming and disruptive, ensuring that readers can engage with Froebel’s educational framework to reflect critically on representations of childhood and early learning.

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A state of the art compendium of the historical and contemporary significance of Friedrich Froebel’s principles and practice in early childhood education and beyond…

Professor Alison Clark
University of South-Eastern Norway