A new Froebel Trust publication by Helen Tovey looks at how educators, parents and carers can empower young children to play their part in protecting and nurturing nature.

Experience and understanding of nature were central to Froebel’s ideas.

This new publication, written by Helen Tovey for the Froebel Trust, explores a Froebelian approach to developing children's relationship with nature.

Published in January 2022. Free to download.

"We have a crisis in our relationship with nature. Children are increasingly disconnected from the natural world and their access to green and wild spaces is rapidly declining. We are discovering the devastating impact of human activity on our world.

In seeking to renew our relationship with nature, the ideas of Friedrich Froebel, a 19th century German educator and creator of the kindergarten, are timely. He saw the kindergarten as a garden for children, a place where children can develop at their own pace, nurtured by knowledgeable and supportive adults."

Helen Tovey in An introduction to Froebel, children and nature

An introduction to Froebel children and nature
A year of exploration

Children and nature

2022 marks ten years of our work as a grant making charity championing a Froebelian approach to early childhood education.

We're celebrating with a year of special events and new resources focused on young children's relationships and connections with nature. We're calling it a year of exploration!

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