We regularly release short films and recordings of our live webinars and Froebel Trust events.

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Webinar: The wonder of woodwork with Peter Moorhouse (recorded 4 May 2021)

Celebrating the release of a brand new Froebel Trust pamphlet, The wonder of woodwork, author and woodwork expert Pete Moorhouse shares his experience of introducing woodwork to young children.

The webinar is chaired by Dr Sacha Powell, Chief Executive Officer of the Froebel Trust.

This recorded webinar is aimed at all those who work with and support young children - educators, parents, carers and all those interested in early childhood education and the care of young children. During the 45 minute webinar, Pete Moorhouse talks about woodwork provision in early childhood education from a Froebelian perspective. He shows how woodwork supports all areas of learning and development and gives practical guidance on how to start and develop a woodwork area.

Webinar: The Wonder of Woodwork with Pete Moorhouse

"There is something special about woodwork’s ability to engage young children. It is learning through doing."
Pete Moorhouse

Pete Moorhouse is an Early Years Creative Consultant and works regularly as an artist educator in settings. Froebelian principles very much inform his work with children. Pete is the author of several books, journal articles and pamphlets including Learning through Woodwork: Introducing Creative Woodwork in the Early Years (2018) and Woodwork in the Early Years (2019). 

Pete is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Bristol, researching creative and critical thinking. As a Churchill Fellow he researched woodwork in early childhood education around the world and in 2019 Pete was awarded the national award from the Creative Learning Guild for his work promoting creativity in education. He is currently training to become a Froebel Trust endorsed Travelling Tutor and is a member of the Froebel Network.

Webinar: Friedrich Froebel: A Critical Introduction to Key Themes and Debates with Professor Tina Bruce CBE (recorded 29 March 2021)

This webinar celebrates the work of Professor Tina Bruce. Early childhood educators, working in different roles, explain how her latest book, 'Friedrich Froebel. A Critical Introduction to Key Themes and Debates', applies to their practice and has inspired them as professionals.

'Friedrich Froebel. A Critical Introduction to Key Themes and Debates' by Tina Bruce is published by Bloomsbury.

Formerly a Trustee of the Froebel Trust, Professor Tina Bruce is a leading scholar in Froebelian philosophy, principles and practice. She is known and respected internationally for her extensive and accessible writing about early childhood education and her contributions to important policy committees. She is currently a Vice President of Early Education (BAECE), Patron of the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE), a member of the Executive Committee of the International Froebel Society and a central member of the Froebel Network. Tina has been awarded a CBE by HRH Queen Elizabeth II and a Lifetime Achievement Award by Nursery World.

The webinar opens with a welcome from Dr Stella Louis (Clip 1) followed by four ten-minute reflections from contributors and responses from Professor Tina Bruce.

Dr Stella Louis (Webinar Chair) is a highly respected consultant and author. Stella is lead tutor for the Froebel Short Courses, having led their development in collaboration with Tina Bruce. Stella has written books and articles on a range of Early Years topics, including collaborative supervision, schemas and observation. She is a leading Early Years voice on challenging racism, and unconscious bias in observation and assessment (with Hannah Betteridge).

Clip 1: A welcome from Dr Stella Louis

Clip 2: Dr Lucy Parker (Contributor) is the Deputy Headteacher of Ludwick Nursery School in Hertfordshire and Lead for Acorns Teaching School Alliance from 2015. Lucy has written two popular titles in the Froebel Trust’s series of pamphlets: Exploring Clay and Cooking with Young Children (with Anna Denton). Her doctoral thesis was about the formation of pedagogical beliefs. Lucy is a Director and Trustee of the Froebel Trust.

Clip 2: Reflection from Dr Lucy Parker, Cookery from a Froebelian perspective

Clip 3: Gaynor Brimble (Contributor) has extensive experience of working in Early Years education as teacher and school leader. For twenty years she has shared her expertise in an advisory capacity, currently as the Challenge Adviser (Foundation Phase) for S.E. Wales Advisory Service. She is passionate about supporting practitioners and leaders to recognise and value young children’s irresistible drive to learn through play; and nurturing their early literacy development.

Clip 3: Reflection from Gaynor Brimble

Clip 4: Professor Marie McLoughlin (Contributor) is Head of the Froebel Department of Primary and Early Childhood Education at Maynooth University and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Froebel Society (IFS). She has written and presented on diverse topics, including leadership for inclusion and students as agents for change. She is involved in a Froebel Trust project exploring play opportunities for young children experiencing stressful situations.

Clip 4: Reflection from Professor Marie McLoughlin

Clip 5: Sharon Imray (Contributor) is the owner of Poppies, a Froebelian early childhood setting in Laurencekirk, rural Aberdeenshire. She has researched and written about the role of storytelling in the development of creativity and narrative role-play (with Karen Clements). Sharon is an advocate of high quality outdoor play.

Alison Hawkins (Contributor) set up Wester Coates Nursery School in Edinburgh more than 30 years ago and the inspiration for her kindergarten approach comes from Froebel’s philosophy. She has written about her research on storytelling groups (with Moira Whitelaw). Alison is a member of the Edinburgh Froebel Network and is currently studying for an MSc in Early Childhood Practice and Froebel at the University of Edinburgh.

Clip 5: Reflection from Sharon Imray and Alison Hawkins

Webinar: Where are the babies? (recorded 20 March 2021)

This half day online event focused on outdoor provision and the opportunities for outdoor learning for children from birth to age 2.

Whilst there has been a growing interest in outdoor learning within ECEC (Early Childhood Education and Care), little is known about provision for under twos.

Similarly, despite increasing public concern about young children’s connection and relationship with the natural world, the outdoor experiences of babies and toddlers has been largely ignored.

This webinar shares the initial findings from a research project funded by the Froebel Trust focused on outdoor provision in babyrooms in Kent.

Aimed to foster collaboration and to raise the profile of this important area of practice, the webinar also includes presentations from members of Early Childhood Outdoors and opportunities to discuss issues and consider actions. The webinar is aimed at researchers, educators and anyone interested early childhood education and the care of young children.

Presentations during the webinar (four videos) include:

  • A life ‘in and with nature’? An exploration of outdoor provision in baby rooms Presentation of Froebel Trust funded research project by Dr Nicola Kemp, Canterbury Christ Church University, and Dr Jo Josephidou, The Open University
  • Noticing Infants intra-action with the more-than human-world Dawn Jones, Senior Lecturer in Early Years, University of Wolverhampton
  • Naturally Nurtured: charting the developing relationship between a baby and the outdoors in her first 18 months of life Carol Duffy, Early Childhood Consultant
  • Q&A Panel Discussion: hosted by Professor Jan White, Early Childhood Outdoors

The webinar was hosted by the Froebel Trust and supported by Canterbury Christ Church University, The Open University, The University of Wolverhampton and Early Childhood Outdoors.

Dr Jo Josephidou & Dr Nicola Kemp share findings from their research exploring outdoor provision for children from birth to two attending baby rooms in nursery settings.
During the webinar, Dawn Jones, Senior Lecturer in Early Years, University of Wolverhampton shares findings from her current PhD study.
Carol Duffy shares her research study charting the developing relationship between a baby and the outdoors in her first 18 months of life.
The webinar closes with a question and answer session led by Professor Jan White.

Froebel Trust Conference 2021 : Growing through play (recorded 6 March 2021)

The conference took place online and was created for all those who work in early years education and care for young children.

All of the projects you will hear about during the five recorded conference sessions were funded by the Froebel Trust.

Download a copy of the delegate pack with more information about the sessions and speakers.

Session 1: Young Voices on Covid
An exploration of the Froebel Storytelling Approach in support for young children through the Covid-19 pandemic
Speakers: Chris Pascal and Tony Bertram (Centre for Research in Early Childhood)

Session 2: Nature Play
• Forest Skills
Speaker: Julia Dixon (Inclusion and Wellbeing Service, West Lothian)
• Mini Muddy Fingers (Plant. Create. Play. Educate)
Speakers: Louise Strong (NECA) & Kate Razzall (Froebel Travelling Tutor)

Session 3: Musical Play
• Let’s Play
Speaker: Samantha Lane (Little Angel Theatre)
• Singing with Baby
Speaker: Rachel Tonkin (Family Lives)
• Mapping Emerging Musicality, exploring musical development in the early years
Speaker: Angela Voyajolu, (University of Roehampton)

Session 4: Slow Pedagogies
Slow Knowledge and the unhurried child: time for slow pedagogies in early childhood education
Speaker: Alison Clark (University of South East Norway)

Session 5: Froebelian Approaches in the Nursery Community
• Play, Sing, Talk, Read: A Froebelian approach to language development
Speaker: Petra Adams, (Balgreen Nursery School)
• A Collegiate Enquiry-Based Approach to Developing Froebelian Principles and Occupations: Sewing and Clay
Speaker: Catriona Gill (Greengables Nursery School and Family Centre)
• Connect – A nursery community approach to play
Speaker: Elaine Fullerton (Hope Cottage Nursery School)
• Staff CPD to Develop Musicality in a Froebelian Setting
Speakers: Debby Hunter (Annan School) and Mark Broad (Music Leader)

Conference Session 1: Young Voices on Covid
Conference session 2: Nature Play
Conference Session 3: Musical Play
Conference session 4: Slow pedagogies
Conference session 5: Froebelian approaches in the Nursery Community

Growing A Nursery From Seed: The First 75 Years (recorded November 2020)

During this webinar Felicity Thomas and Stephanie Harding discuss their new book, 'Growing a Nursery School from Seed: The First 75 Years'.

Stephanie and Felicity are joined by their critical friend and mentor, Marian Whitehead to tell the inspiring story of Earlham Nursery School, the development of a magical school garden and reveal how they shaped a creative Early Years curriculum.

The book is available from the Froebel Trust as a free downloadable PD : Growing a Nursery School from Seed

Growing A Nursery From Seed: The First 75 Years

Froebel Trust Annual Lecture (recorded 2 October 2020)

On 2 October 2020, the Froebel Trust held its annual lecture via Zoom, welcoming more than 200 attendees from around the world to hear Baroness Floella Benjamin speak about the importance of loving childhoods where every child feels secure, valued, inspired and included: "Smiling in the Face of Adversity"
Catriona Gill, Professor Carole Bloch, Dr Stella Louis and Dr Sandra El-Gemayel responded to the lecture with insights from Froebelian approaches to education and learning.
Chair of Trustees, Mark Neale introduced the speakers and facilitated discussion of questions from participants.

Froebel Trust annual lecture October 2020

Webinar: A Celebration of Blocks (recorded October 2020)

This webinar sees Jane Whinnett, author of our pamphlet 'Froebel's gifts and block play today', in conversation with Dr Jane Read (Froebel Trust pamphlet series editor), Professor Tina Bruce (Director of the Froebel Blockplay Research Group) and Catriona Gill (developer of the Education Scotland, Being Me through Block Play resource).

Introducing Froebel's Gifts, the panel discuss the relevance of block play in current early years practice and explores what wooden blocks in particular can offer young children and babies.

A Celebration of Blocks Webinar

Froebel Trust Short Courses Taster Webinar (recorded July 2020)

The short Froebel courses have been created specifically for use with whole staff teams. Each of the 6 element covers important aspects of child development and learning. These form a practically based bridge connecting to Froebelian theory and early childhood principles so that there is a philosophically cohesive framework.

This webinar explores Froebel, the inventor of the Kindergarten and his beliefs about play and self-activity. It provides an overview of all of the elements with a particular focus on element 4 ‘Play and the symbolic life of the child’. There is input from practitioners who have already undertaken some of the elements.

Froebel Trust Short Courses Taster Webinar

Webinar: Changing early childhood spaces (recorded July 2020)

This Froebel Trust webinar from Dr Jennie Clement and Sian Sarwar discusses early years classroom space in Wales through a Froebelian lens, focusing on children’s participation in and mastery over their spaces, materials and activities.

It also considers these spaces and principles within the context of schools’ responses to the current COVID-19 experience, exploring the impact of the design and use of reconfigured spaces in relation to Froebel’s principles.

During discussions, the researchers reflect on the potential opportunities to re-engage with Froebel’s approach to the construction of teaching and learning as a way of supporting and enhancing early years education in Wales.

Webinar: Changing early childhood spaces: July 2020

Webinar: Young Iraqi and Syrian child refugees' play (recorded July 2020)

Young Iraqi and Syrian child refugees’ play 'in-between': case studies from the northern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon.

This online seminar draws on key findings from Dr Sandra El Gemayel’s PhD thesis, which was supervised by Prof Rosie Flewitt and Prof Phil Jones at University College London, Institute of Education. The PhD was funded jointly by the Froebel Trust and University College London.

It reports on ethnographic case studies with four young Iraqi and Syrian children living with their ‘temporarily displaced’ families in the northern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, offering unique insights into the children’s family lives, their play and the continuing violations of their rights.

Underpinned by Froebelian principles of the integrity of childhood in its own right, the seminar discusses how the intersection of armed conflict, forced displacement and reduced social status as refugees affect the childhoods and play of young Iraqi and Syrian refugee children in Beirut's northern suburbs.

The webinar closes with discussion of the children’s state of 'in-between-ness', with suggestions for possible ways to improve refugee children’s lives and opportunities to play in Lebanon.

Webinar: Young Iraqi and Syrian child refugees' play: July 2020

Webinar: ‘Everyone’s a singer until someone says they’re not’ (recorded June 2020)

Introduced by Dr Stella Louis, this webinar welcomes Dr Sacha Powell, CEO of the Froebel Trust, to give two readings with responses from Froebelian colleagues.

Reading one: Singing as a Pedagogical Tool

Responders: Marjorie Ouvry, retired early years consultant and Jane Dyke, author of Froebel Trust Mother Songs pamphlet

Reading two: Who do we think they are?

Responders: Stephanie Harding, Froebel Travelling Tutor and Julia Manning Morton, Early Childhood lecturer, consultant and author

Webinar: Everyone's a singer until someone says they're not: June 2020

Webinar: Exploring Froebel’s idea of ‘unfoldment’ with two-year-olds using slow motion video data (recorded June 2020)

This seminar shares data and early findings of the Listening-2 collaborative research project between Manchester Metropolitan University and Martenscroft Nursery School and Children’s Centre, which has been funded by the Froebel Trust.

The seminar provides the researchers and participants of the project an opportunity to profile the potential of collaborative viewing of slow-motion video clips as a way for parents and early years practitioners to ‘tune into’ children they care for. It is also an opportunity to highlight the particular significance of Manchester historically in promoting Froebelian pedagogies.

The session includes an introduction to Froebel’s thinking with a focus on his concepts of “living with children”, unfoldment, and the interconnectedness of body and mind.

Webinar: Exploring Froebel's ideas of 'unfoldment' with two year olds using slow motion video data: June 2020

Froebel Short Courses - Impact at Linden Tree Nursery Schools (recorded June 2020)

Head of Linden Tree Nursery Schools, Holli Williams explains the differences that the Froebel Short Courses have made to the settings she leads in London. Holli shared her experiences with fellow Trustees and staff of the Froebel Trust during a virtual meeting, held in April 2020.

Froebel Short Courses - Impact at Linden Tree Nursery School

4th Froebel Network Gathering (recorded April 2020)

Professor Tina Bruce reads extracts from her 2020 publication, "Educating Young Children: A Lifetime Journey into a Froebelian Approach" with responses from Alison Hawkins & Catherine Diamond (Inspirational Teachers); Stella Louis and Catriona Gill (Play); Lynn McNair and Sacha Powell (Research and Practice).

4th Froebel Network Gathering

Does Birth to Three Matters still Matter? Sacha Powell at MMU (recorded March 2020)

To what extent have social and cultural changes impacted the needs of children from birth to three? This video records a presentation by the CEO of The Froebel Trust, Dr Sacha Powell. With a focus on early childhood education and care for babies, toddlers and two-year-olds it celebrates 20 years since the 'Birth to Three Matters Framework' was commissioned. Topics covered include: the rights of infants; data and knowledge gaps in England; the growth of scholarship about infant and toddler pedagogy; and the accessibility of research.

Does Birth to Three Matters Still Matter?

Short Film: Froebel, Steiner and Montessori: A Conversation in Learning Between Friends (recorded November 2019)

The Froebel Trust was delighted to support the V&A Museum of Childhood when it invited experts representing Froebel, Montessori and Steiner educational approaches to work with their education team.

A series of seminars was arranged and a collaborative workshop was delivered at the V&A’s “Future Museums: Play and Design” conference on 19 November 2019. This film documents a conversation between the three experts who share some of the commonalities and unique aspects of the three approaches.

Short Film: Froebel, Steiner and Montessori: A Conversation in Learning Between Friends

Barbara Isaacs Lecture at the V&A Museum of Childhood (recorded October 2019)

Barbara Isaacs in conversation with staff of the V&A Museum of Childhood

Barbara Isaacs in conversation with staff of the V&A Museum of Childhood

Janni Nicol Lecture at the V&A Museum of Childhood (recorded October 2019)

Janni Nicol in conversation with staff of the V&A Museum of Childhood.

Janni Nicol in conversation with staff of the V&A Museum of Childhood.

Tina Bruce Lecture at the V&A Museum of Childhood (recorded October 2019)

Tina Bruce in conversation with staff of the V&A Museum of Childhood.

Tina Bruce in conversation with staff of the V&A Museum of Childhood

Froebel Trust Annual Lecture 2019: 'No Matter the Question the Answer is Relationships' (recorded October 2019)

The Froebel Trust was delighted to welcome John Carnochan to deliver our 2019 Lecture.

John is a former Detective Chief Superintendent with Strathclyde Police, who co-founded the Violence Reduction Unit in Scotland, which contributed to lowering levels of violent crime in Scotland. Recognising the importance of early experience, John has been actively involved for over 13 years in a range of multi-agency groups, which encourage and support the development of policies and services that will improve young children's environments, relationships and experiences during their early years and as they grow into adolescence.

Froebel Trust 2019 Autumn Lecture

Froebel Trust Annual Lecture 2018: 'Right from the start: play, relationships and learning' (recorded October 2018)

The Froebel Trust was delighted to welcome Professor Paul Ramchandani, Lego Professor of Play at Cambridge University to deliver our inaugural lecture, 'Right from the start: play, relationships and learning'.

Froebel Trust Inaugural Lecture 2018