A course which provides early years practitioners with insight into how a Froebelian approach can support young children to develop as confident learners.

Froebel and childhood practice course – University of Edinburgh

This course is designed for professionals working in Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) with a desire to learn about Friedrich Froebel (1782-1852), one of the most significant of the early years pioneers, and how Froebelian methods are extremely relevant today.

The Froebel and Childhood Practice course considers how a contemporary analysis of Froebel’s work can provide early years practitioners (and others interested in ELC) with insights into how they can observe, support and extend children’s learning.

Participants will learn about the Froebelian kindergarten where children can grow and develop at their own pace, nurtured by knowledgeable and supportive adults. Participants will be encouraged and challenged to consider how this knowledge can enhance their professional practice.

For more information: www.ed.ac.uk/education/professional-learning/intensive-courses/froebel

E: froebel@ed.ac.uk