Young Iraqi and Syrian child refugees’ play 'in-between': case studies from the northern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon

This seminar draws on key findings from Dr Sandra El Gemayel’s PhD thesis, which was supervised by Prof Rosie Flewitt and Prof Phil Jones at UCL IOE. The PhD was funded jointly by the Froebel Trust and University College London. It reports on ethnographic case studies with four young Iraqi and Syrian children living with their ‘temporarily displaced’ families in the northern suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, offering unique insights into the children’s family lives, their play and the continuing violations of their rights. Underpinned by Froebelian principles of the integrity of childhood in its own right, the seminar discusses how the intersection of armed conflict, forced displacement and reduced social status as refugees affect the childhoods and play of young Iraqi and Syrian refugee children in Beirut's northern suburbs.


The seminar closes with discussion of the children’s state of 'in-between-ness', with suggestions for possible ways to improve refugee children’s lives and opportunities to play in Lebanon.


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Everyone's a singer until someone says they're not

Introduced by Dr Stella Louis, this webinar welcomes Dr Sacha Powell, CEO of the Froebel Trust, to  give two readings with responses from Froebelian colleagues.


Reading one: Singing as a Pedagogical Tool 
Responders: Marjorie Ouvry, retired early years consultant and Jane Dyke, author of Froebel Trust Mother Songs pamphlet


Reading two: Who do we think they are? 
Responders: Stephanie Harding, Froebel Travelling Tutor and Julia Manning Morton, Early Childhood lecturer, consultant and author


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Listening-2: Exploring Froebel’s idea of ‘unfoldment’ with two-year-olds using slow motion video data

This seminar shares data and early findings of the Listening-2 collaborative research project between Manchester Metropolitan University and Martenscroft Nursery School and Children’s Centre, which has been funded by the Froebel Trust. The seminar provides the researchers and participants of the project an opportunity to profile the potential of collaborative viewing of slow-motion video clips as a way for parents and early years practitioners to ‘tune into’ children they care for. It is also an opportunity to highlight the particular significance of Manchester historically in promoting Froebelian pedagogies. The session includes an introduction to Froebel’s thinking with a focus on his concepts of “living with children”, unfoldment, and the interconnectedness of body and mind. 


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Does Birth to Three Matters Still Matter? 

Social and cultural changes: how numbers tell a mixed story

Dr Sacha Powell
Chief Executive Officer, The Froebel Trust

This seminar was delivered by Dr Sacha Powell at Manchester Metropolitan University on 29 February 2020. The PowerPoint  contains an audio recording for each slide.


Please click on the speaker symbol in each slide to start or stop the audio recording. Please use the down arrow on your keyboard to move from one slide to the next. Where a slide contains hidden content, the down arrow will reveal this content. 

In total, the audio recordings last for around 30 minutes.

Does Birth to Three Matters Still Matter[...]
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