Discovered Treasure: A DVD on the Life and Work of Elinor Goldschmied

We are delighted to be able to offer on loan to teaching practitioners a DVD on the life and work of esteemed Froebelian,  Elinor Goldschmied. The DVD is available to tutors  working within Early Years and a full list of eligibile professionals can be found at the bottom of the page.


Guidance notes to accompany the DVD

Elinor Goldschmied trained as both a teacher and psychiatric social worker. She has had a pioneering impact on early years policy in both the UK and internationally with her work on heuristic play and the role of the Treasure Basket in facilitating the exploration of infants and the role of the ‘key person’ in group settings for young children.

The DVD, Discovered Treasure, made by a team of early years experts all of whom knew and worked closely with Elinor, is a profoundly important resource for contemporary practitioner, trainers and consultants. It sets out the development of Elinor’s thinking about key issues in the day to day care of babies and young children. Underpinning this is historical footage that Elinor took of young children in nurseries. The Trust is conscious of its duty of care regarding the portrayal of children in the DVD.

Some of the footage in the DVD contains sensitive and potentially distressing images of the impact on babies and very young children of being deprived of individual attention. Given this, the Froebel Trust has been concerned to ensure the DVD is disseminated in a way that prepares those using it for training and practice development purposes, to use the DVD in the most ethical, effective and thoughtful way. The Trust is particularly mindful of the need to be sensitive to the impact of the DVD on those viewing it. The Trust wants to do all it can to ensure those showing and seeing the DVD understand the reasons for inclusion of the video footage. We understand that Elinor took great care to seek permission for the footage from parents and guardians. It was taken before she could have envisaged how esteemed her work would become, the contemporary significance of the material for early years policy and pedagogy, and the desire therefore to makes its dissemination widespread. The material can be upsetting to view but it is this very upset that can be a powerful factor in conveying one of the key messages of the DVD, that is the deeply negative effect on young children of lack of individual, consistent, and sensitively responsive attention.

The Trust has engaged in extensive discussions with the authors of the DVD in order to strike the most appropriate balance between wide dissemination and seeking to ensure the DVD is used with sensitive understanding of the impact the material may have on audiences. The Trust calls on those using the DVD to undertake to use their training skills to the full in introducing and explaining the DVD and its content, to monitor its impact on those seeing it, using their emotional antennae to the full to ensure that the thinking and reasoning behind the content of the DVD are understood as fully as possible.

The Trust is making the DVD available only to those in the following roles:

· HE Lecturers
· FE Lecturers
· Teacher training tutors
· Social work training tutors
· Tutors training in counselling / psychotherapy
· Tutors of all child care courses
· Early years advisers


If are working in one of the above fields and would like a copy of the DVD on loan, please download the form below and send the completed signed form either by post to:

Victoria Arneil, The Froebel Trust, Clarence Lodge, Clarence Lane, London, SW15 5JW

or email a scanned and signed copy to:

DVDs will be sent within 4 weeks of the application being received, although we will endeavour to dispatch them sooner.

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