Please see below for current PhD and research projects


Mapping emerging musicality: a longitudinal study of musical development in the early years using the sound of intent framework - PhD

Angela Voyajolu

University of Roehampton


Reconceptualising professional development in early childhood education  - PhD 

Valeria Scacchi

University of Roehampton

The effect of war and displacement on the play of young Iraqi and Syrian refugees - PhD

Sandra El Gemayel

University College London,

Institute of Education

4P's project 

Maria Kambouri

University of Reading

Close thoughtful attention

Peter Elfer

University of Roehampton

Froebelian pedagogy

Susana Castro

University of Roehampton

Froebelian principles in practice

Kate Hoskins

University of Roehampton

Migrant and BME children's transitions

Autumn Roesch-Marsh

University of Edinburgh

Observation and digital documentation

Rosie Flewitt

University College London,

Institute of Education

On country learning 

Libby Lee-Hammond 

Murdoch University, Western Australia

Playful writing

Kate Smith

Canterbury Christ Church University


Progressive pedagogies

Kristen Nawrotzki

International collaboration of

scholars (Germany, US, New Zealand)

Singing medicine

Carolyn Blackburn

Birmingham City University UK 

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