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Mothers’ Songs in Daycare for Babies 

Dr Sacha Powell and Dr Kathy Goouch


Research Centre for Children, Families and Communities, Canterbury Christ Church University


Mothers’ Songs in Daycare for Babies : Promoting Froebel and his Principles in the Baby Room Using Singing as a Tool for Co-Constructing Theory and Pedagogy for Babies’ Early Childhood Education and Care


This project explored the nature and purposes of singing with babies (birth to two years), according to the practitioners who care for them in nursery settings. 29 ‘baby room’ practitioners from private day nurseries in southeast England were involved in a series of research-informed professional development sessions over the course of two academic years.


Data consisted of field notes documented during development session discussions; filmed practice in baby rooms and subsequent, recorded interviews and group discussions, aided by video recall; an online survey designed to audit singing repertoires and practices; and documentation in project folders that the practitioners created.

Baseline assessment 

Professor Mathias Urban, University of Roehampton

This research focuses on the experiences of a group of teachers and head teachers as they piloted the Early Excellence Baseline (EExBA-R), one of the Government approved baseline assessments, in 2014.  The EExBA-R includes two separate parts; the first section is a screening of children’s levels of wellbeing and involvement using the Leuven Scales ‘to ensure that children are assessed at the optimum time within these 6 weeks’ (Early Excellence 2015).


The second part assesses ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning, all three Prime Areas [...] covered in the English Early Years Curriculum Guidance (EYFS) and the Specific Areas of Literacy and Maths’.  According to Early Excellence (2015)., EExBA-R was designed to ‘not disrupt settling in routines’ in a Reception class context and information is gathered based on evidence of teachers’ ‘knowledge of the children from a range of means’ including previous settings, parents and observations carried out during children’s first weeks in the setting’.


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