If you've always wanted to know more about a Froebelian approach to early education - and how you might set out to develop practice in your school or setting - then the Froebel Trust podcast is for you!

The first ever Froebel Trust podcast series launches today - created for educators and early years leaders interested in finding out what a Froebelian approach to early education is all about.

Listen in on this brand new series of inspiring conversations all about early learning and Froebelian practice. The first three episodes explore:

  • how to start out on a Froebelian journey in your school or setting
  • what training and resources you might need and where to find them
  • how a Froebelian approach might support your work with young children and families.

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The podcast is presented by journalist Colin Kelly and these first episodes feature guests from two innovative Froebel Trust funded projects (Froebelian Futures and The Froebel Partnership) which were recently awarded a major £1million investment to foster collaboration in the early years sector and provide Froebelian training for more early years educators.

  • Episode 1: What does it take to become a Froebelian early years setting?

This first episode explores the difference a Froebel approach can make to young children's education. Our guests discuss ways an early years setting can adopt a Froebelian approach and look at what kinds of Froebelian training and support are available.

Transcript of Episode One

  • Episode 2: Inside the Froebel based early years setting

Our host Colin Kelly asks his panel to explain more about the Froebel early years setting. What does it look like? And sound like? How would you know you were in a Froebel based nursery or early years centre? What sets it apart from others?

Transcript of Episode Two

  • Episode 3: Recognising children's individuality in early years settings

In this episode, Colin and guests discuss how educators can celebrate difference in early years settings. How can we make sure our schools and early years settings are welcoming places for everyone? And how might a Froebelian approach support early years educators to connect with families, carers and local communities?

Transcript of Episode Three

Who are the Series 1 podcast guests?

Simon Bateson

Simon is a Co-director of Froebelian Futures, an international training and research programme which aims to develop and deepen Froebelian pedagogy and leadership in Scotland and beyond. He teaches on the Froebel and Social Justice MSc at The University of Edinburgh. Simon also works as a senior practitioner with young children at Cowgate Under 5's Centre in Edinburgh. He has a diverse leadership background in the arts, social justice and environmental sectors in Scotland and has served on a number of third sector boards. Simon is the founder of the Scottish social change charity, Take One Action.

Sally Cave

Sally is Headteacher at Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre. She has a successful track record in the fields of school improvement and pedagogy which has been recognised at national level. Froebelian principles guide her work with children, parents and staff. She specialises in working with children from birth to seven. Sally is a co-director of The Froebel Partnership, a three-year Froebelian training and research programme.

Dr Stella Louis

Stella is Lead Tutor for the Froebel Trust Short Courses. She is an early years consultant, trainer and author working with individual nursery settings, parents, nursery schools, local authorities, government departments and charities. She provides training and consultancy and is particularly interested in observation and its part in developing learning, especially through children’s schemas. Stella has worked both in the United Kingdom and internationally, in South Africa and Australia, where she worked with teachers to develop a Froebelian approach to teaching and learning. Stella is author of numerous books and articles including Observing Learning in Early Childhood (Sage), Understanding Schemas in Young Children (Bloomsbury) and How to use Group Supervision to Improve Early Years Practice (Routledge).

Dr Lynn McNair OBE

Lynn is Head of Cowgate Under 5's Centre in Edinburgh. She is a Lecturer in Early Childhood and Froebel at the University of Edinburgh. Lynn has almost 40 years' experience working in Early Years Education and is also an award-winning author. Lynn is a trained Froebelian, attaining her certificate at the Froebel Institute at the University of Roehampton. Lynn is the Programme Director of Froebelian Futures, an international training and research programme which aims to develop and deepen Froebelian pedagogy and leadership in Scotland and beyond.

Professor Christine Pascal OBE

Chris is Director of Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC), based at the St Thomas Children's Centre in Birmingham. She holds professorships with the University of Wolverhampton and Birmingham City University. She is a Founder and President of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association and a Vice President of Early Education. Chris is also a co-director of The Froebel Partnership, a three-year Froebelian training and research programme. She has researched and written extensively on the policy and practice of early childhood education and development and the quality of early education services.

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