Froebelian Innovations

A key feature in developing The Froebel Trusts policy and public awareness work has been the new Innovations Grant fund. Grants support the application of Froebelian principles in new ways and environments in order to support children to play expressively and creatively. 

Inclusion and Wellbeing Service  

We are pleased to have awarded a grant to the Inclusion and Wellbeing Service, which is part of West Lothian Council, for their Forest Skills project. 


The aim of the project is to take small groups of children to a quiet forest area where they will have the opportunity to learn forest skills such as den building, fire creation and  maintenance and  working as a team. There is a focus on literacy development as well as health and wellbeing.  



Little Angel Theatre

The Trust has awarded a grant to Little Angel Theatre for their 'Lets Play' project. 


This project supports parents and carers to use objects and the imagination to play creatively with babies and children (6 months to 3 years).  Through research with baby and toddler groups, LAT has devised a creative stay and play session that will take place after watching its early years' production of The Bed.  The show is an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s The Bed Book, and is a journey into the imagination where Plath presents a rhyming catalogue of desirable beds.  The whole premise of the book, and subsequently the show, is about creative inventiveness – what could a bed be if it wasn’t just a ‘white little, tucked-in-tight little, nighty-night little, turn-out-the-light little bed.’ The aim is to give parents and carers the confidence to play creatively with the children they look after – what is the play potential of a feather or a pillow case? – and ultimately support the connection between parent/carer and baby/toddler and enhancing the child's development and learning through stimulated creative play.  




The Trust has awarded an innovation grant to NECA for their Mini Muddy Fingers Scheme (Plant. Create. Play. Educate) 


The Mini Muddy Fingers scheme aims to open Greenhope’s garden gates for pre-school children (0-5) stay and play sessions twice per week. Children and their family/carers will have unlimited access to the Garden with freedom to actively explore and play imaginatively in a safe and welcoming environment.  Based centrally within a housing estate, the garden provides opportunities and experiences that children may not otherwise have access to.


Mini Muddy Fingers encourages children to grow, learn and work together for a healthier happier future; from planting a single seed to designing and caring for an entire bed of plants. The project aims to harness children’s eagerness and natural curiosity.

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