We offer grants to qualified Froebelian educators to support them in their ongoing work and to help them share their expertise with others.

In 2019-2020 the Froebel Trust Practitioner Support Grants awarded ranged in value from £3210 to £5000.

Autumn 2020 update: This grant fund is currently closed.

We recognise that the Covid-19 pandemic is causing unprecedented disruption and significant challenges for potential applicants to our funding schemes. Therefore we have temporarily cancelled the call for grant applications. A renewed call will be issued at a later date with notifications published via our mailing list and social media channels. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. You can subscribe to our mailing list or email us at office@froebeltrust.org.uk


About the grant

Froebel Trust Practitioner Support Grants are available to early years settings and schools for children aged between birth and eight years in the UK.

These grants offer staff and/ or families the opportunity to further develop an aspect of existing Froebelian practice.

The criteria for this small grant requires that one member of the management team, plus one other practitioner, must have completed one of the Froebel Trust endorsed courses to be eligible to apply.

How to apply

Our grant funds run on an annual cycle and are always advertised on our website and social media channels.

If you are interested in applying for a grant:

- have a look at examples of past awards in our latest Froebel Trust Annual Review
- you may find it helpful to consult our suggested reading list
- complete an online application form (currently closed)

Each of our grants and bursary schemes has different criteria, but the overarching theme that runs through all the work we support, is that it builds upon and contributes to knowledge and understanding of Froebelian philosophy, principles and approaches.

We welcome applications from educational institutions and individuals who share our goal of increasing and advancing knowledge and debate about Froebelian principles and their application in the teaching, learning and development of children from birth to 8 years.

The Trust does not privilege particular methodologies or disciplines.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at office@froebeltrust.org.uk

Recent examples of practitioner support grants awarded:

Connect – a nursery community approach to play

Hope Cottage is the oldest maintained nursery in Edinburgh. In 2019, the Froebel Trust awarded the nursery a £3210 Froebel Trust Practitioner Support Grant to launch a new weekly family group at the nursery. The group introduces parents and carers to interactive songs inspired by Froebel's book, Mother Songs. The aim of the project is to build a supportive community, sharing knowledge and expertise as well as valuing the knowledge and expertise of parents/ carers.

A family garden

Ferguslie Early Childcare Centre was awarded a Froebel Trust Practitioner Support Grant of £5000 to develop a family garden involving the local community. The family garden gives children at the centre the chance to learn all about horticulture - from sowing to caring for and harvesting produce. The children learn to cook the produce they grow, create their own recipe cards and take part in family cooking groups.

Key information/ downloads for applicants

The standard Froebel Trust Grant Offer - and Terms and Conditions (introduced in December 2019)

About making changes to your grant

Have a look at our Annual Review

Featuring lots of practitioner support grant case studies and recently funded projects.

Download our Annual Review

As an extension to our Froebelian approach, the introduction of woodwork has been amazing! It was the funding from the Froebel Trust that set us on our woodwork way - allowing staff to take specific and quality training, the purchase of a workbench, tools and an initial stock of balsa wood...

Alison J Hawkins
Wester Coates Nursery were awarded a Practitioner Support Grant in 2019 to develop the use of woodwork as a Froebelian Occupation in their nursery