An international collaboration of educators and researchers working together to share a Froebelian approach to early childhood education.

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In 2021 The Froebel Partnership received a major grant of £500k from the Froebel Trust for a three year project to research and document the impact and benefits of a Froebelian approach on children, families and educators.

The partnership has brought together Guildford Nursery School and Family Centre in Surrey, Centre for Research in Early Childhood in Birmingham and Seven Stars Kindergarten in New Zealand.

"As Froebel said, 'I wanted to educate people to be free, to think, to take action for themselves.' Has there ever been a time when Froebel’s principles have mattered more? His principles and pedagogy can guide us all as we build together a more equitable early childhood education (ECE) for our young children, their families and ECE staff."
Sally Cave, Headteacher, Guilford Nursery School

The project team are working together:

  • to develop and share original research that illustrates the characteristics of Froebelian education and demonstrates its benefits
  • to offer Froebelian training to more educators.

Featured in Nursery World

An article about The Froebel Partnership's work - published in March 2024

Find out more

In March 2024, Nursery World reported on "A new professional development programme designed to support practitioners to reflect more deeply on their practice" which was launched by The Froebel Partnership. Read the article and find out more.

The programme is called Reflection with Guidance. More details will be published and shared soon.

"Reflection with Guidance is a professional development package that can inspire people who are looking for something positive and optimistic in today's climate. It's decent, ethical professional development that gives educators dignity, hope and a sense of their ability to shape the future." Prof. Chris Pascal

You can follow the project's progress via their blog and listen to the project leaders, Sally Cave and Professor Chris Pascal, share news of their work in the first three episode of the Froebel Trust podcast:

You can also book a free tour of Guildford Nursery School to see a Froebelian approach in action and the difference it makes to children and families at this maintained nursery school.