A research project exploring how a Froebelian approach can be used to support the South African government’s early childhood curriculum.

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Project leaders at University of the Western Cape are working with teachers at Peak Child Preschools and TREE in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa to explore how a Froebelian approach to early childhood education can be put into practice in South Africa.

The project is supporting an emerging Froebel Network in South Africa - a community of Froebelian educators seeking to develop and interpret Froebelian practice for early childhood education today.

"The research will play a role in nourishing the roots of our fledgeling community of Froebelian practice."
Professor Trevor Moodley, project lead at University of the Western Cape

Dr Stella Louis in South Africa

Dr Stella Louis, Lead Tutor of the Froebel Trust Short Courses, has spent time with the research team in South Africa. The team also all completed a Froebel Trust Online Course in 2021.

Soweto Project 2

"The Froebelian course ‘spoke to ‘ participants of holistic educational principles which chime with the African philosophy of Ubuntu with value for holism, mutuality, reciprocity, compassion, respect and interconnectedness in the interests of a just and caring society for all."
Professor Trevor Moodley, project lead

South Africa

"We view this research as contributing to decolonising and transforming early education - as the research will include exploring synergies in holistic thinking of African indigenous philosophical understandings and Froebelian understandings."
Professor Trevor Moodley, project lead

Educators in South Africa

Sharing and nurturing Froebelian practice and principles with early childhood educators in South Africa.

A final research report and a downloadable leaflet summarising implications for practice in South Africa will be published and shared in 2024. The research team aim to have this leaflet translated into ten official South African languages.