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Friedrich Froebel: a path least trodden

New article examining Froebelian principles and practice published 

August 2020

A new article examining Froebelian principles and practice in early childhood education has just been published online by the international journal, Early Child Development and Care for a special issue on major theorists and pioneers. The special issue journal will also be published as a book by Routledge. The article is a collaborative piece from Sacha Powell, CEO of the Froebel Trust and Lynn McNair, Head of Cowgate Under Fives Centre in Edinburgh.  


Friedrich Froebel is well-known for the invention of kindergarten and the pioneering educational philosophy he developed in the 1800s. This new article looks at how his radical ideas and principled approach to early childhood education and care have inspired generations of educators to hold true to creative progressive pedagogies and the integrity of early childhood in its own right. 


“To swim against the tide of educational doctrines that promote reductive and transmissive views of young children’s capabilities and signs of learning, demands the kind of courage that early Froebelian travellers have displayed and which contemporary Froebelians marshal in their everyday work.” 


Read the full article here: 


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Early Years Teachers and Practitioners Working in a Time of Lockdown: Accounts from the frontline 

by  Peter Elfer

In this short piece, Peter Elfer offers a few reflections. They draw on conversations with leaders, early years teachers and practitioners. The conversations speak of the extraordinary complexity of managing continued work with children and families during the Covid pandemic and the emotional impact of that work. 


Please click the pdf below for the full article. 

Early Years Teachers and Practitioners W[...]
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This article is part of a longer series commissioned by Early Education and the Froebel Trust is grateful for the permission to reproduce it on our website. 

Reflections from Kate Razzel, a Froebel Trust Travelling Tutor on her work with a community allotment group

I recently had the privilege of working as a Froebel Trust endorsed Travelling Tutor with a group working in a community allotment. Some of the staff are volunteers who work with children coming to the allotment. None of them has had any experience of working within a traditional educational setting. The volunteers’ knowledge of  and passion for being outside in nature is abundantly clear.  They take the importance of working with nature as their starting point. They had asked for support in developing a Froebelian ethos in their work with children and families and this was how I came to work with them. 


Please click the pdf below to read the full article.

Kate Razzell - working with a community [...]
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The importance of play for learning
Insights from Friedrich Froebel by Dr Stella Louis and Dr Sacha Powell

Childhood is a time for, well, childhood! It’s not a preparation for school or adulthood. It’s a time for allowing children to go at their own pace, giving them the time they need to explore, manipulate, discover, and practise newly acquired skills.


This extract is taken from an article on the Community Playthings website and you can read the full version here.

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