Practitioner Support Grant


1. The Froebel Trust is a UK-based early years education charity which aims to promote the value and relevance of Froebelian principles to the education and learning of children in the 21st century. 

2. Friederich Froebel was a German educator who devised a set of principles and practices which formed part of an interactive education process which he named ‘Kindergarten.’ Froebel emphasised the importance of the inclusive nature of his approach so that all children are able to access education based on his principles. The Trust is concerned that children, who through life circumstances have had fewer opportunities and experiences, are increasingly given an education that emphasises acquiring basic skills, literacy, numeracy and adult directed experiences rather than the opportunities to develop creativity and self-activity which Froebelian principles emphasise. Their access to the very experiences and ways of learning that other children benefit from, and that promote real learning, are limited, thus increasing their disadvantage. 


3. The Froebel Trust promotes the principles developed by Froebel and our vision is a world in which childhood is valued in its own right and each child’s capacity and potential is recognised. To achieve this, we advance the following Froebelian principles for the education and care of children up to the age of eight:

  • The integrity of childhood in its own right
  • The relationship of every child to family, community, nature, culture and society
  • The uniqueness of every child’s capacity and potential
  • The holistic nature of the development of every child
  • The role of play and creativity as central integrating elements in development  and learning
  • The right of children to protection from harm or abuse and to the promotion of their overall well-being

4. As part of meeting its charitable objectives, the Froebel Trust is making a number of small practitioner grants available to settings to develop an aspect of practice underpinned by Froebelian principles.



5. These grants are available to early years settings that are interested in further developing an aspect of Froebelian practice. Please note that priority will be given to applicants (settings) who did not receive a grant in 2018. Settings must have a member of the management team, plus at least one other practitioner, who has completed the Froebel course at University of Edinburgh, or the University of Roehampton or all five elements of the Froebel short course delivered by Travelling Froebel Tutors to be eligible to apply.

6. Settings can apply for a grant of between £3,000-£5,000. The grant is intended to cover training costs, supply cover implications and with a proportion of no more than 20% for resources. Please note that payments cannot be made to individuals.


7. Settings must be registered with Care Inspectorate or SEED in Scotland or be a registered setting in England.


How to apply

8. Please complete an online application form detailing: 

  • Froebelian focus
  • Evidence of registration of the setting
  • Evidence of staff‘s Froebelian qualifications
  • Project outline
  • Evaluation process
  • Plans for dissemination
  • Budget break down

9. The project should be completed within 12 months, and a copy of the final report must be sent to the Trust on completion.  


10. The Froebel Trust must be acknowledged on any written material or publicity that is produced for external presentation or publication in association with / resulting from a Practitioner Support Grant.


Application process
11. Completed online applications should be submitted by 5pm on Wednesday 26 June 2019. Late applications will not be considered.

12. This online application form will include a section where you will need to fill in a full budget breakdown, so you will need to prepare this beforehand. 

13. All eligible applications will be considered via our scrutiny and grants process. Applications that do not meet our basic eligibility criteria will be rejected. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants.

14. The decision of the Froebel Trust will be final. Every effort has been made to develop a thorough and informed assessment process. The Trust reserves the right not to enter into any correspondence about the assessment process and/or any subsequent monitoring procedures.

Assessment process
15. The assessment process for each application is set out below:

  • Applications are submitted by the deadline.
  • Basic eligibility check is conducted.
  • Applications are sent to scrutineers with experience in Froebelian principles and practice. Applications are assessed using a weighted scoring framework.
  • Shortlisted proposals go to the Froebel Trust Council for final decision-making.
  • Applicants are informed of the result of their application.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of applications by the end of October 2019.


The deadline for applications is: 5pm on Wednesday 26 June 2019

You can apply here -    


Any queries should be directed to our Grants Manager, Deborah Brodie -

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