Open Call Research Grants Frequently Asked Questions 2017

Q1 Are there any previous successful applications that I may have access to?

A1 No, although projects are described on our website.


Q2 Could you give me even a rough guideline of the average length of a successful application?

A2 This varies a great deal. We would like you to aim for a concise application which tells us all that we need to know but without any ‘padding’.


Q3 The guidance notes only state a word count limit on the summary section when preparing the proposal. Are there any word limits for the other sections?

A3 No, although please see A2.


Q4 Can you confirm whether the period of the research projects can run beyond the 31st October deadline, please?

A4 Yes, up to three years in total duration.


Q5 We would like to know how long the project can last/when the funding needs to be used by.

A5 Your project can last for up to 3 years and the funding needs to be used by the end of it. If you complete your project without using all the funding we will recover the surplus.


Q6 In order to prepare a timeline for the project that is as close to accurate as possible could you let me know what date successful projects would be able to commence and when they need to be completed by?

A6 We will notify successful applicants in Oct. Your project can start as soon as you have received this notification (and not before). For completion date guidance please see A4.


Q7 I am based in a university in the Republic of Ireland - am I eligible to apply?

A7 Yes, we have no geographic restrictions on our applicants.


Q8 We are putting together an application for the current open call research grant. I have a question about the funding. The specification states that costs requested can include 'personnel costs directly incurred in relation to the project' but not 'salary costs of staff already funded by thier organisation'. A significant cost of our planned project is likely to be the time commitment from personnel already employed by us. We would wish the grant funding to pay for the cost of the time staff spend working directly on the project. Although we are employees, our research work needs to be self-financing and we would not be able to undertake a project without the staff time spent on it being paid for. Please could you advise whether it would be permissable for us to use Froebel Trust grant funding to pay the cost of employee's time spent directly on Froebel Trust project work?


A8 Froebel Trust grant funding may be used to pay the cost of employee's time spent directly on Froebel Trust project work. It cannot be used to pay central costs that are not directly project related. 




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