Froebelian Innovations

The Froebel Trust is committed to promoting the principles developed by Friedrich Froebel. Grants under this strand will support the application of Froebelian principles in new ways and environments in order to support children to play expressively and creatively. 


Invitations to apply have been sent to a small group of charities. Applications have been invited for projects that meet the following conditions:

  • The applicant organisation is a registered charity
  • The project supports children in the age range 0-8 to play expressively
  • The project explicitly applies to at least one of the Froebelian principles above
  • The project addresses at least one of the following cross cutting themes:
    • Addressing disadvantage and celebrating diversity;
    • Childhood under stress (focusing on those environments in which children cannot play freely or with agency);
    • Adult (staff and parental) engagement with children


This grants round is for invitation only

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