Froebel Fellowships

Applications currently closed. 


Froebel Fellowships are designed to develop a relationship between the Trust and institutions that share the goal of increasing and advancing the understanding and application of Froebelian principles in the teaching of children from 0 to 8. 


A Fellowship takes the form of a grant up to £15,000 over a two year period, allowing one or more staff to make a contribution to the development of Froebelian teaching. All proposals must include research, and those that integrate research with dissemination activities (for example CPD, conferences, preparation of Professional Journal articles) will be particularly welcome. The trust is keen to address the concern that research findings often do not easily find their way into policy or practice and that training and professional development may often occur without the benefit of recent research. 


Fellowship applications should

  • Seek to advance and disseminate Froebelian Knowledge and application
  • Be actively mapped against the Trust's strategic objectives


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