About us and our strategy

Charitable objectives

To promote for the public benefit the advancement and understanding of Froebelian principles of education in learning within the UK and internationally. 




A world in which childhood is valued in its own right and each child's capacity and potential is recognised. It is one in which all young children have access to a high quality learning education based on Froebelian principles. 




To promote the value and relevance of Froebelian principles to the education and learning of children in the 21st century.



Strategic objectives

  • To seek to demonstrate how the application of Froebelian principles provide high quality learning and education
  • To increase our impact and visibility by increasing our charitable activity, improving our own practices and building new and effective partnerships



Cross cutting themes

  • Addressing disadvantage and valuing diversity
  • Childhood under stress (focusing on those environments in which young children cannot play freely or with agency)
  • Adult (staff and parental) engagement with young children




  • Champion childhood by advocating early years education that starts with the child
  • Use evidence by funding and disseminating high quality research and investigating the impact of early childhood education based on Froebelian principles
  • Be creative and adventurous by exploring new ideas and approaches, looking for what will make a real difference
  • Be collaborative by working with our current partners and seeking new ones to achieve the best results
  • Be inclusive by valuing diversity in all our work and providing a culture in which the Trust treats everyone fairly
  • Demonstrate integrity by being open and honest
  • Be generous by using the resources of the Trust to support the work of others who share our vision
  • Demonstrate respect in all our relationships internally and externally




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