About us

Our Charitable Objects are to promote for the public benefit the advancement and understanding of Froebelian principles of education in learning within the UK and internationally; and our mission is to promote the value and relevance of Froebelian principles to the education and learning of children in the 21st Century.


Our ultimate beneficiaries are children under the age of eight; and our immediate beneficiaries are parents/carers and adults working in the early years and primary sectors – by supporting them we will assist them to provide high quality learning and education.


We have adopted the following values to shape the culture of the Trust. They will guide how we behave and make decisions. We will:

  • Champion childhood by advocating early years education that starts with the child
  • Use evidence by funding and disseminating high quality research and investigating the impact of early childhood education based on Froebelian principles
  • Be creative and adventurous by exploring new ideas and approaches, looking for what will make a real difference
  • Be collaborative by working with our current partners and seeking new ones to achieve the best results
  • Be inclusive by valuing diversity in all our work and providing a culture in which the Trust treats everyone fairly
  • Demonstrate integrity by being open and honest
  • Be generous by using the resources of the Trust to support the work of others who share our vision
  • Demonstrate respect in all our relationships internally and externally

Registered Office: Clarence Lodge,Clarence Lane, Roehampton,London SW15 5JW, UK

Registered Charity No. 1145128

Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in London No. 7862112

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