Our grants programmes include


  1. Open call grants - Research, PhD bursary, Froebel Fellowships, Research Mapping Exercise
  2. By invitation grants - Strategic Partner Grants, Froebelian Innovations

Open call grants

By invitation grants

Froebel Fellowships

Froebel Fellowships are designed to develop a relationship between the Trust and institutions that share the goal of increasing and advancing the understanding and application of Froebelian principles in the teaching of children from 0 to 8.


A Fellowship takes the form of a grant of up to £15,000 over a two year period, allowing one or more staff to make a contribution to the development of Froebelian teaching.  This might include research, training, teaching materials development or other activities.


Fellowship applications should


  • Seek to advance Froebelian knowledge and application
  • Aim to contribute to the training of educators in a Froebelian approach
  • Be actively mapped against the Trust’s strategic objectives

The 2016 grants round is now closed.

Strategic Partners Grants

The Trust has three key partners, centres of excellence that take a strategic approach to the promotion of Froebelian principles, thus supporting our charitable objects. They are University of Roehampton, Canterbury Christ Church University and Edinburgh University/Froebel Network. These partners contribute to the Trust in many ways – including serving on Council and its committees and developing the work of the Trust through grant aided research and professional development. The Trust has introduced Strategic Partners Grants (SPGs) in order to enable us to support the development of the Froebelian work of these three partners. Application for SPGs is by invitation only.


Please find more information about our Strategic Partners Grant projects here.


The 2016 grants round is now closed



Research grants

The 2016 research grants round is now closed.


Details of our PhD bursary can be found here

Froebelian Innovations

The Froebelian Innovations Grants Pilot has been launched. The Froebel Trust is committed to promoting the principles developed by Friedrich Froebel. Grants under this strand will support the application of Froebelian principles in new ways and environments in order to support children to play expressively and creatively. The Trust has allocated a fund of £50k for this pilot phase. Invitations to apply have been sent to a small group of charities.

Applications have been invited for projects that meet the following conditions:

  • The applicant organisation is a registered charity
  • The project supports children in the age range 0-8 to play expressively
  • The project explicitly applies at least one of the Froebelian principles above
  • The project addresses at least one of the following cross cutting themes:
    • Addressing disadvantage and celebrating diversity;
    • Childhood under stress (focusing on those environments in which children cannot play freely or with agency);
    • Adult (staff and parental) engagement with children

The 2016 grants round is now closed

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