Friedrich Froebel is famous for his radical insight that the first learning experiences of the very young influence not only their later educational achievements but also the health and development of society as a whole. 


Our mission is to promote the value and relevance of Froebelian principles in the 21st Century to the education and learning of children up to the age of eight.



We are committed to advancing the following Froebelian principles for the education and care of children up to the age of eight:


  • The integrity of childhood in its own right
  • The relationship of every child to family, community and to nature, culture and society
  • The uniqueness of every child's capacity and potential
  • The holistic nature of the development of every child
  • The role of play and creativity as central integrating elements in development and learning
  • The right of children to protection from harm or abuse and to the promotion of their overall well-being


Froebelian education today is based on the principles, pedagogy and environment promoted by Froebel. Many of these have become widely accepted and embedded in mainstream practice.

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